Working with Executives in Transition

Executives require wise and practical counsel to assist them as they negotiate in and out of employment relationships. Andrea’s history of working at the highest levels inside a corporation makes her particularly well-qualified to advise executives in transition. She is knowledgeable about the intricacies of complex employment contracts and separation packages. Clients value her steady hand during what is often an emotionally-charged time for individuals who are used to calling the shots, and who find themselves in uncertain territory. Andrea’s seasoned judgment is invaluable to clients who need to maximize the terms of new employment agreements or severance packages. Simply stated, she has a well-developed sense of what the circumstances will allow, and advises clients accordingly.

Andrea counsels executives concerning:

  • terms of employment agreements

  • confidentiality clauses

  • non-compete and non-solicitation covenants

  • termination for good cause and resignation for good reason

  • severance agreements and packages

  • benefits terms

  • exit strategies and departure announcements

Andrea’s individual clients include CEOs, C-suite executives, mid-level managers, professionals, and others. Whether she is negotiating an employment agreement or severance package that pays thousands or millions of dollars, Andrea’s clients benefit from her thoughtful, calm, and experiential advice. Executives have told Andrea they appreciate her practical guidance; they often seek her out, years after an initial engagement, when their employment situations change, again. Further, they routinely refer their colleagues who need legal advice about employment transition issues.

Andrea’s clients include those entering and leaving publicly traded corporations, privately held companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Among them are:

  • the President and CEO of a Philadelphia museum

  • the CEO of a large Philadelphia community-based social service agency

  • the President and CEO of a Philadelphia-area university

  • the CEO of an integrative medical center

  • a Corporate Vice President of a food, beverage, and snacks manufacturing company

  • the Chief Clinical Officer of a national provider of substance abuse and recovery support services

  • the Vice President - Operations of a media, communications, and technology company

  • the CFO of a social networking service

  • a Senior Client Advisor at a financial services institution

  • an Executive Vice President of an enterprise cyber-security company

  • an Executive Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist at a global biopharma company

  • a Senior Project Manager at a financial software solutions company